#536 mod wars! - special mod score?

Moderation (57)
Mark Spohr

I've noticed that often when someone posts something controversial, it can be the object of a "mod war" where people on both sides of the issue will fight to mod it up or down. Usually these posts gather lots of mod points up and down.
The problem is that when I view at +2 (for example), I may or may not see this post (which is probably of interest because it is controversial).
I would like to propose that once a comment has gathered a certain number of mod points (up and down) that it receive a special "mod war" status and that users have an option to view these posts regardless of their current mod point sum.


  • Anonymous

    Would it be the same thing to have the option to ignore Down mods when you set the level you want to read at? So, for instance, you view at +2, all the posts that have been promoted to that level appear in your list even if they have gotten -3 mods that would hide them from you under the current method.