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David Lindsey

In a large thread, it would be nice to have a Jump To
Parent (or just Jump) link right next to the Parent
link at the bottom of a post that would use a local
anchor to take you to the parent post in the same page
(and thus without reloading the browser). This is
different from the Parent link which takes to a page
for that particular post.

Less scrolling == good.


  • Aranel Alassë
    Aranel Alassë

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    If I may, I would also like to request this same feature.

    I often find myself clicking on the L shaped gray line that's in the upper left corner of a post so that I can quickly navigate to the parent post, and I'm often disappointed that it doesn't work. (It resembles an arrow, so I sometimes expect that it actually is one...) As the original submitter said, it would be a very helpful feature if we could quickly see the parent post, without changing the actual contents of the page.

    An example of how this would be helpful is: If I'm browsing through a story, and see a series of posts that I don't want to read (for whatever reason. E.g., they might be trolls or porn-related or something equally distasteful, or just plain boring), and if I foresee that there's going to be more posts along the same lines under this same parent that I don't want to read --If this happens, I'd like to quickly go to the parent post, and collapse it (since that's the post that probably instigated the series of posts that I don't care to see, and that I don't care to have to manually scroll past).