#494 Allow use of <xmp> tag

Rob Malda
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<xmp> tag (supported by Mozilla, IE & Opera, W3C status
unknown) exists to post in HTML some code snippets of
code which potentially can be regarded as invalid HTML.
Examples: (1) programming language comparison operator
"less than" and "and", (2) shell redirector for input
and background job ampersand.

How the tag works. Whatever browsed finds between <xmp>
and </xmp> is displayed in monospaced font verbatim as
it is found in html file. No HTML interpretation is

It would be nice if it would be allowed for HTML
formatted comments. For people who happen to post often
code snippets to shell command lines that would be of
great help.

P.S. Checked on w3c: as of HTML/4.x XHTML/1.0 declared
to deprecated. But I think it's still going to be
around for some time. Why to miss the opportunity?


  • Chris Nandor
    Chris Nandor

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    We use our own "ECODE" tag in Slash for verbatim code.

  • Chris Nandor
    Chris Nandor

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    Is it possible to document it somehow? It's not standard.
    It's not in the FAQ. But in fact if you read comments
    related to programming, shell and HTML - this is major
    annoyance for all people posting comments. And I had never
    crossed path with someone who'd advised the use of "<ecode>"
    - people resort (if not too late) to &lt; / &amp;

    /me reading/commenting on /. for about year now and had no
    clue about its existence.

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    Gosh. Why I never start reading FAQ from end? ;-)

    Is it possible to add some sort of warning when someone
    posts comment with raw '<' or '&' that probably s/he wants
    to put "<ecode></ecode>" around such pieces. Link to the
    aforementioned FAQ would be nice too - since it's only
    documentation for the thing.

    Thanks anyway...

  • Rob Malda
    Rob Malda

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