#299 Taking the left hand menu dynamic?

Tim Vroom
Rob Malda

I assign this to Tim, but really this is thinking out
loud sort of stuff for the whole team.

<P>It is high time that we consider making the left
hand menu a truly dynamic entity, instead of the
sometimes cached thing that we use today.

<P>What I'd like to solve at long last is to make items
highlight in the menu when you are on them (eg, when
you are on the FAQ, highlight it in the menu) and also
retain the AC/Logged In data when viewing what are
currently static pages.

<P>There are a few ways that we could handle this-
<LI>Another level of static pages... perhaps an AC
version encouraging login, and the logged in one with
an include generated as part of the login process? We
could generate the user menu block if the user is
logged in, and just use a standard one for ACs. We
could cache them in a var, and just include them using
the SHTML we already use.
<LI>Parse all static pages and essentially pipe them
through a perl wrapper. We do this for some admin
pages so that we can retain admin menus on static pages.
<LI>Other ideas?

<P>I submit this item with a lower priority and assign
it to Tim, but I don't expect us to jump on this in the
next week. Instead I'd like to chat about it at a
future meeting, and decide on a course of action and
schedule then.


  • Tim Vroom
    Tim Vroom

    Logged In: YES

    Also got a request from a user to make the corners curved
    like the story titlebars which actually occurred to me this
    morning too.

  • Heidi P
    Heidi P

    Logged In: YES

    (Apologies if this is totally the wrong place for this...)

    If you are going to make that menu dynamic, could you please
    make the bold "[n] more" lines more meaningful?

    I'm sure I am the only person who is obsessed with these lines
    (yeah, I'm the person who wrote a month ago asking about them),
    but it really *is* non-intuitive to see "1 more" under a topic you've
    just finished reading.

    The fact that the more lines draw their meaning from the main page
    at a point when a lot of readers are likely entering the site via
    explicit links from RSS feeds (and not even seeing the main page),
    well, that makes the whole more-ness even less useful.

    I know this is just a totally trivial point, but, hey, that menu follows
    me everywhere. Taunting me. Mocking me.

    -- H