#266 When displaying 1 comment, select only 1

Slash 2.3/2.4
Rob Malda
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Jamie McCarthy

Usually when displaying one particular cid, we still
have to select all comments in the discussion over the
threshold, because the user probably wants to display
child comments.

But, if any of these is true:

1. mode is flat
2. mode is nocomment
3. the user is typing up a comment (previewing) and
loading the text of the parent they're replying to
4. the user has just posted their own comment and is
looking at it on the very next webpage

then it is guaranteed that there are no children that
we will want to display. In that case we need select
ONLY the one cid from the discussion.

These may seem trivial, but in prime time, just cases 3
and 4 together probably occur every 3 seconds give or
take. And case 4 is especially important to optimize
because it has to hit the writer DB, not the reader.


  • Jamie McCarthy
    Jamie McCarthy

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  • Jamie McCarthy
    Jamie McCarthy

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    Done, goes live tonight, but see related bug 734032.

  • Rob Malda
    Rob Malda

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