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#2 Thumbs up / Thumbs down feature for stories

Timothy Lord

In the present Slashdot backend, on the submissions page, the options are there for saving a story to the (general) hold bin, or to a sectional hold bin. Of course it can also be either deleted or posted.

However, stories sometimes sit for a long time in the submissions bin, without being sorted, deleted or posted. I often leave stories alone when I know nothing about their topic area, or when I know that others may be interested even if I am not. I may leave a note suggesting that another author might find it interesting ...

This makes me suggest the idea of a illustrated triplet of "Thumbs" -- Up, Down and Sideways (Neutral), each with an associated number, perhaps appearing in a little bar next to each story in the submissions bin. If an author opens a submission and reads what it's about, he would then be expected to register either Up "Yes, I think this would be a decent post"), Down ("this is poor") or sideways ("I neither object nor champion this submission"). The Thumbs display would then increment the appropriate thumb's number.

This way, both the direction and magnitude of the concensus toward story would be easy to judge ... when I leave a story in the submissions bin because I feel unqualified to judge its worthiness, I can't tell whether anyone's looked at it unless a viewer also leaves a note in the comment box.

Up / Neutral / Down
6 / 2 / 0 -- ought to be posted
1 / 0 / 5 -- delete
0 / 1 / 0 -- somebody needs to look at this before it dies of age!
1 / 7 / 1 -- does this fall into anyone's expertise?

There are submissions which deserve either instantaneous posting or rejection, but that doesn't seem to apply to the submissions which sit there for a while.

Just an idea ...


  • Chris Nandor
    Chris Nandor

    Interesting idea. I'll leave it in the bin here, and we can come back to it later.

  • Chris Nandor
    Chris Nandor

    • priority: 5 --> 2
  • I think it's a good idea.

  • Clifton Wood
    Clifton Wood

    Actually, I was thinking about extending the current notes system we have now to do something like this. The existing comments system could be extended so that editors, if they feel strongly enough about a submission, can tack on a note (except it would use the comment display code) stating their opinions on the subject. What do you think?

  • Chris Nandor
    Chris Nandor

    • priority: 2 --> 1
  • Rob Malda
    Rob Malda

    • priority: 1 --> 5
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix