#4527 Formatting Gone in Firefox

Tim Vroom

Last night I reloaded the page http://slashdot.org in Firefox and there was no formatting or any indication Javascript was working. I\\\'ve seen this happen a number of times in the past. I closed the tab with the page open, cleared all my cookies related to /. and restarted Firefox. There\\\'s still no formatting.

This morning still the same thing. No formatting. This *seems* to happen after some upgrades along the way, but I\\\'ve seen it happen a number of times and sometimes it takes several days before it\\\'s corrected.


  • Raised priority -- this issue makes the site unusable and almost unreadable in Firefox.

    Also, I can send in info from the debugging console if needed. I see it listing variables, including just "$" as undefined.

    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • As of 8:22 EST, 11/19, this is working again. It started working somewhere between 7:30 and 8:22 at night. I didn't log in or out or open a new browser or restart Firefox. It just started working again and CSS and formatting was working.