#4496 Autoscroll functionality broken


Recently a new ad has been placed on the right side of the page that moves into view periodically. This has broken the Autoscroll feature - where you middle mouse click on a page and move your mouse up or down and the page automatically scrolls in that direction without any further interaction by the user. Every time the ad updates its location, the autoscroll turns off and I have to re-initiate autoscroll again. To replicate: use Windows 7 and Firefox, open up slashdot, middle mouse click and autoscroll to your hearts delight - or at least one vertical page height before your heart is ripped out and spat upon. I understand your interest in having an ad on screen at all times - but there has to be a way that doesn't break browser functionality. As it stands, I've cut my slashdot visits by 75% because its so incredibly frustrating to view the website (how the hell am I supposed to eat my breakfast?!)