#4483 Comments in metamod presentation lacks quote formatting

Tim Vroom
John Whitley

On slashcode as currently deployed on slashdot.org, I note that quotation formatting never appears. This appears to be CSS-related lossage rather than document structure, as I can see <div class="quote">...</div> markup on the content presented via metamod.pl -- however, quoted text simply appears inline, without the distinctive quote bar and other styling found on normal comment threads. This is confirmed via webdeveloper CSS viewer -- the div as presented by metamod.pl lacks the "blockquote, .quote {...}" CSS styling found on quotes on normal comment pages.

This makes it a real pain to metamod correctly since it's easy to get confused and mix up the who-said-what train of conversation.


  • Anonymous

    I'm having the same problem, quotes aren't displayed as such. It makes M2ing bothersome, I was wondering WTF ppl were talking about and made me look up the whole thread to get the meaning.