#4455 Slashdot comment form woes


There seems to be some issues preventing the comment form from operating smoothly on some systems.

I am running:
Mac OS 10.6.2
Safari 4.0.4

This may be a general issue with webkit browsers.

When hitting preview, the script takes a very long time to load the preview. Somewhere around 30-60 seconds. This might be by design to encourage people to actually read their comments, but it doesn't feel quite right.

Also, when the comment box loses focus, it cannot be reactivated by clicking on it with the mouse. The only way to reactivate it seems to be clicking around until you can highlight some text in the comment box and then use the arrow keys to position the cursor. It's as if the clickable area of the comment box does not match up with the location that is represented on the screen.

To reproduce:
Use above operating system and browser version, log into an account, and try to place a comment on a story.


  • Chris Nandor
    Chris Nandor

    I have never seen the behavior you describe with respect to losing focus and not being able to click on the box again to regain focus. And I use Safari 4.0.4 as my primary browser. Are you using some sort of plugins? I have never had any problem with the comment box and focus.


  • Anonymous

    I swear it has been this way for months, but when I just went back to check everything appeared to be working smoothly. I'd like to leave this ticket open for a while though to see if anyone else has been having similar issues.

    Safari plugins I'm using:
    Google Gears
    Keywurl (SIMBL)

    Last edit: Anonymous 2013-11-07
  • Yehuda Katz
    Yehuda Katz

    I have not seen the inability to focus, but the long delay loading the comment preview is sometimes there in any browser.
    Sometimes the comment preview will not load at all (in any browser).