#4132 Poor usability of Sourceforge site discourages bug submissio

Rob Malda
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Poor usability of Sourceforge.net website discourages bug submissions.

* If you don't log on to Sourceforge "correctly" (i.e. you visit the project page to see bugs, then decide to log on to submit one), the log in forgets where you were in the site and resets you back to the homepage.

* Site bizarrely "expires" my password and requires me to reset it, even though I have no access to do anything malicious on the site. The password change process requires about 3 more pageloads than it should, including a step where I have to re-login using the password I just set 5 seconds ago. This is the only website I've used in my life that "expires" passwords.

* Summary fields are extremely narrow, making it nearly impossible to accurately summarize an issue in them.

* Image uploads have a tendency to fail without giving any cause. (Sometimes there's an error message worded so poorly you still don't know what the cause is; sometimes there's no error message.) This is why I've been putting all images associated with my bug reports on my personal domain. WordPress has a very good upload image process to crib from.

* Once a bug is submitted, the user is inundated with dozens of fields, most of which are vaguely labeled and many of which may actually be unused. Also, the "canned response" feature is insultingly named. ("I went through this crappy site to submit a bug only to get a canned response? Gee, thanks.")

If Slashdot's goal is to get suggestions and bug reports from its users, this site is a major impediment to that goal.

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  • Jamie McCarthy
    Jamie McCarthy

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    All these complaints except IMHO the last one are valid, though I can't personally vouch for the image upload problem. This isn't something that the Slash dev team can fix (so we'll be closing this out as Invalid shortly), but I've passed along your comments to the sf.net team. Thanks for taking the time to compile these.

  • Jamie McCarthy
    Jamie McCarthy

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  • blakeyrat

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    Thanks for responding and passing on my concerns. I know you're beholden to your corporate overlords as much as anybody else, but using this site is such an exercise in pointless frustration I had to speak out. Just tell them to find a well-configured Trak or FogBugz install and just rip-it-off entirely. :) (But for the record, I still think the terminology "canned response" is insulting. At least use "standard response" or "saved response" or something!)

    Here's a bonus, the window I got when I logged in to post this update: