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#3953 journal entry<title> should contain the journal entry title

Chris Nandor
Journals (77)
Mark Stosberg

It would improve search engine ranking and browsing if the title of journal posts could appear in the <title> tag. This would make it "much" more likely that someone would click on on the search result when they found it.

To see what I mean, look at this search for my posts:

All the titles are exactly the same! They all say "Journal of markjugg (792)". It would be more useful to say:

"Witty Title of Post — Markjugg's use.perl journal"

There's no need to include "792" in the page title.

This issue affects the current installs on and

Related, when you are viewing a comment of a journal entry, the comment title should appear as the page title, not the journal entry title, which is what currently happens.

Seen here: