#3615 slashd kills parent shell

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Adam Powers

When running `./slash start` or `./slash stop`, it
seems to be sending a signal to the parent process
which ends up killing it. For example, when started
under bash as root, the bash shell prints "exit" and
then the shell exits back to the user shell that
called `su`.

The daemon seems to do the same thing every time it is
stopped, except that it will kill the original parent
shell that called it. For example, under screen, if
screen one executes `./slash start` the shell will
exit from `su` back to a normal user shell. Then,
calling `./slash stop` from screen two, the signal
will be sent to screen one, killing the user shell and
logging out that screen.

Also, after starting slashd from a shell and then
loggin into mysql, I stopped slashd from a different
screen and it seemed to background mysql -- I was able
to resume by typing `fg`.

I'm afraid to start slash at boot because I have no
idea what this behavior will do to FreeBSD's init
task. (Although, hopefully the init task would either
respawn from the kernel or ignore signals to begin


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    Jamie McCarthy

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