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#1008 Inappropriate "Wait 2 Minutes" message

Rob Malda
Formkeys (165)

Browser: Mozilla 2001080104
User: cjpez
System: main slashdot.org page

I went to reply to a comment, used the "Preview"
function, and everything looked good, so I hit
"Submit," but was immediately presented with the "Hold
On, Cowboy" message, stating that I had to wait 2
minutes between posts. This was the first time I had
tried to post since the crossover to the new version.
I suspect it *might* have something to do with using
"Preview" beforehand, but perhaps not.

Also, I waited a few minutes and attempted to re-submit
the reply I made, and was told that I couldn't because
the form had already been submitted 5 minutes ago. I
understand this is probably expected behavior, trying
to cut down on people submitting forms multiple times,
but it would have been farily annoying to have to
copy-and-paste my reply and then go re-reply to the
same comment, so I eventually just gave up.

Whee . . .


    • assigned_to: capttofu --> cmdrtaco
    • summary: Inappropriate "Wait 2 Minutes" message --> Inappropriate "Wait 2 Minutes" message
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    sounds to me that the form was actually submitted, and then
    an attempt was made to try to use it again. I tested this
    out with a regular test account and it worked fine.

  • Rob Malda
    Rob Malda

    • summary: Inappropriate "Wait 2 Minutes" message --> Inappropriate "Wait 2 Minutes" message
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me