Scalable Language API / News: Recent posts

Release 6.1

Source code for the manager has been added. The Cambridge Phoneme Set now standardizes representations in many languages.

Posted by SLAPIMgr 2010-08-06

Release 6.0 Beta

Functionality has substantially expanded. Far more languages and phonemes are supported. We welcome your feedback and requests for improvement.

Posted by SLAPIMgr 2008-09-18

Release 6.0 Preview

Significant expansion is underway! This preview version will give you a start on the transition to SLAPI 6.0. More natural-language scripts and languages will be supported. Finally Java!

Posted by SLAPIMgr 2008-04-23

Release 5.2

There are several new capabilities aimed at conversation for mobile phone applications. Several new functions have been added and tables have been updated for the latest ISO standards.

Posted by SLAPIMgr 2008-04-10

Release 5.1

Both the documentation and headers for SLAPI have been updated with new functionality and greater consistency. There is added emphasis on handheld devices such as cell phones.

Posted by SLAPIMgr 2008-01-15

Release 5.0

With the new release, SLAPI has a new home here on sourceforge. The latest version has been substantially expanded. Language identification is now a standard feature available in the API.

Posted by SLAPIMgr 2007-08-24