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skyeye-1.2.8_rc1 is released.......

skyeye-1.2.8_rc1 is released after several big improvements against skyeye-1.2.7_rc1.
New features is shown as the following:
1. Add mpc8572 support into skyeye. mpc8572 is dual core powerpc processor, and its linux BSP can run on SkyEye .You can find its testcase in out skyeye-testsuite-1.2.8 package.
2. Add sparc support into skyeye. Leon2 BSP of rtems can run with sparc simulation in skyeye-1.2.8
3. code coverage is improved. we fixed several bugs in code coverage ,and define a file format for profiling data file. You can refer to the file misc/code_cov/prof_convert.c
4. Add bfd library and libiberty library to third-party directory. So we can take use of them in any platform.

Serval critical bug fixes related to memory module and powerpc simulation:
1. fix cs8900 bug in memory module of skyeye-1.2.7. You can run cs8900 netcard with skyeye-1.2.8.
2. fix the bug of DSI exception in powerpc simulation. Now you can run different application with linux BSP on powerpc simulation.
3. fix the lcd bug in memory module of skyeye-1.2.7.

More features and bug fixes can be find at our ChangeLog:

New testsuite for skyeye-1.2.8 also is released as skyeye-testsuite-1.2.8 package and can be download at :
We have tested skyeye-1.2.8_rc1 package with the testsuite package at cygwin, Fedora, FreeBSD, Solaris and Suse platform.

Known issues:
You can find the current issue in skyeye-1.2.8 at our bug tracker:
Any bug report also can be committed here.

skyeye-1.2.8_rc1 release can be download at :
A lot of people are contribute their time and effort for skyeye-1.2.8 release. We owe a lot of thanks to them.


-- About SkyEye --
SkyEye is an Open Source Simulator, which simulates series ARM, Coldfire,Mips, Powerpc, Sparc and Blackfin DSP Processor. Users can run various Operating Systems such as Linux, uCLinux, RTEMS, VxWorks etc with skyeye and can analyze or debug in source level with gdb. More information , please visit skyeye homepage

Posted by kangsh 2009-04-26