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SkyEye-1.2.6_rc1 is released....

Skyeye-1.2.6_rc1 version is only a bug-fix version. Comparing to skyeye-1.2.5, some important improvement as the following:

1. build error on cygwin platform with skyeye-1.2.5
2. LCD display bug in skyeye-1.2.5
3. Some bug fixes against at91 simulation committed by stano
4. fix a bug in flash dump program
5. Load the sections of ELF image to lma, not its vma
6. Some important fix for MIPS simulation

The release package can be downloaded at :
For chinese users , the release package also can be downloaded by : https://gro.clinux.org/frs/?group_id=327

We had tested the release package on opensolaris , cygwin, FreeBSD and Suse linux platform.

Any bug report will be appreciated , you can commit them at : https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=85554&atid=576533

Thanks all the support from all of you for SkyEye project..

SkyEye Developer Team

Posted by kangsh 2008-09-12