SkyEye-1.2.4 Release Announcement

SkyEye-1.2.4 Released!

After four months' development, SkyEye 1.2.4 is released now!
Comparing to last release, we have some major improvements in the
following field:
* add mpc8560 support, now Linux-2.6.22 of mpc8560 can run on SkyEye.
More info in
* 2410 nandflash simulation is implemented by gbf0871.That is
impressive.Now we can upload the image by tftp and burn it on flash ,
and run the image. All just is like the real hardware environment.
* add csb350 RTEMS BSP support. Now hello and ticker testcase can run on SkyEye
* rtl22xx BSP of RTEMS also can run on SkyEye, contributed by rayx
* LPC simulation is improved a lot after remap features is implemented
in SkyEye * rtl8019 simulation is improved by Stano.Now it is stable
enough for some network application, ftp etc.
* MIPS simulation is also improved, but linux still can not run on SkyEye.
* Now SkyEye can run on MacOS.

More information, please read ChangeLog in the URL:
Questions,ideas and usage about SkyEye can be discussed on SkyEye
You are welcome!

The release package can be downloaded from or

You can commit bug at
We tested the release package on the following platforms:by running
skyeye-testsuite 2.3 version that also is available on
* Suse 10.2 OS on x86
* Cygwin on x86
* BeOS on x86
* MacOS on x86

Thanks all the guys involved in this release.

- SkyEye Developer Team
About SkyEye (
SkyEye is an Open Source Software Project (GPL Licence).
Origin from GDB/Armulator, The goal of SkyEye is to provide an
integrated simulation environment for embedded development.

Posted by kangsh 2007-11-16