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Skychart beta

Version Release Notes

This version change the location of the configuration files.
For Windows this is now %LOCALAPPDATA%\Skychart and for Linux ~/.skychart
The program configuration is reset to the default values.
After the first run you can copy the files you want to keep to the new folder.
Do NOT copy cartesduciel.ini because it contain invalid file path.
You can then totally remove the folders My Documents\Cartes du Ciel or ~/cartes_du_ciel and ~/.cartesduciel.ini
For Linux the application data directory also change for /usr/share/skychart, if you
install additional catalogs you must move them from /usr/share/apps/skychart.... read more

Posted by Patrick Chevalley 2009-02-04

Skychart beta

The program can now be translated to any language. Thanks to voluntary translator it is already available in English, Catalan, Italian, Spanish, Ukranian and French.
And many new featurea and bug fix.

Posted by Patrick Chevalley 2006-12-31

Version 3 beta 0.1.0

The new version released today is now stable enough to be called beta.

Posted by Patrick Chevalley 2006-02-27

Source moved to Subversion

Please use svn to get the latest souce update.

TortoiseSVN work fine on Windows. eSvn as my preference for Linux.
Use as repository.

For detail see:

Posted by Patrick Chevalley 2006-02-26

Change to Lazarus/Freepascal compiler

The source code in the main CVS tree as been changed to use the Lazarus/Freepascal compiler.
All the future development will use this compiler.

The old Delphi/Kylix code is now in the "delphi" branche.
This branche is considered dead.

A binary version using the new code is due soon.

Posted by Patrick Chevalley 2006-02-05

Version 3 alpha 0.0.4

This version add the support for an asteroid database.

It is now possible to show all the know asteriods down to a fixed magnitude on any chart.
This is achieved by using a database system to store and quickly retrieve the related asteroid elements from the 200'000 MPCORB list.

Posted by Patrick Chevalley 2003-12-19

Skychart Version 3 alpha 0.0.3

A new alpha version is now available to play during the Summer.

Many new feature from the version 2.75 are added.

Also some really new one :

2.8 million world cities database.
Galactic and Ecliptic chart projection.
Time increment from the tool bar.
More coherent coordinates grid.
Grid label near the chart edge.
New filled Milky Way representation.

TCP/IP server capability, look at the source package for more information. Perl script examples are available in the scripts/ directory.

Posted by Patrick Chevalley 2003-06-30

SkyChart V3 alpha 2 is available.

A new alpha version of SkyChart is now available.
There is now enough functionality to use it as a simple planetarium for Windows or Linux.

Posted by Patrick Chevalley 2003-01-14

Preview version Alpha 0.0.1 Released!

This is the first alpha version, the development of the program is still in progress.
This alpha version is full of bug and many function of the version 2 are not include here. Please do not fill the bug tracker at the moment!
Use this program only to have a preview of the version 3.

Please take a look at the documentation section for install instruction.

Posted by Patrick Chevalley 2002-12-17

Project web page opened

The project web page is now active:
I will put here some pre-alpha information and screen shoot.

Posted by Patrick Chevalley 2002-11-11