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Skinner 0.6 Released

After a couple of years of no progress, I took another chance at making this piece of software. This version contains TButton descendants that morph according to skin information.

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2004-09-23

New demo app released

After a long period of inactivity, a new demo app has recently been released to illustrate the new breakthroughs this project has experienced.

First demo app of my third attempt at creating a skinnning software. It shows the ability to subclass all buttons on a form, and make them work according to a preset. Source code is not available due to its unclear and experimental nature, as well as lack of time on my side. It is available, however, through "Browse CVS".

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2003-06-28

Skinner releases v0.5

Skinner is a Delphi component set designed to ease the creation of applications with skins.

v0.5 provides high graphical abilities, but low "skinning" capabilities (that's why it's v0.5).

To use Skinner, you must download and install the FastLIB component set, available from the Skinner site.

Also, it is advisable to download and read the FastCourse tutorial; contains the ready version of the tutorial.... read more

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2001-11-13

Skinner is alive and advancing

Hey all,

I know what the activity percentage says, but don't believe it.
The project is still alive...
For some reason SourceForge does not register my
Soon more demo apps will be published, and as soon as the property editors will be ready, Skinner will be released.

The package currently contains a high-performance button which executes a set transition, like morphing from Source bitmap to Destination bitmap. It doesn't sound much, but it's a hell of a powerful tool for doing really cool forms.
(I played around a bit.
A not-so-completed demo can be fetched at\).... read more

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2001-09-20

Demo available

First funcional demo of the Skinner project

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2001-09-01

Project started

You're all invited to join as developers/graphic-designers/doc-writers and "help me, help you" :)

Posted by Carmi Grushko 2001-08-29