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#1271 text note box epands as you type


Hi, I love Skim. I think it could use a few improvements. One of them is this: could you possibly change the way adding a text note works. I think it'd be more efficient and user friendly if, first of all have hotkeys to the tools, but somehow allow a user the choice to place the text note before editing. It's way too cumbersome and takes too long when trying to write so many notes in the margins for a 100 page work. I just want to peform a hotkey click on a space where the text will be and then type, press enter, done. Also the text box should only be as big as the text that I type. So at first it'll be one line and one character big and it expands as I type. I've seen this in other programs, I don't remember where but that would be ideal. Thanks.


  • Anonymous

    Maybe SHIFT-return could create a new line in the note and just hitting return would finish the note or something like that.


  • Anonymous

    I apologize, I've figured out that I can press command-control 1 for the text tool... but then I have to create a box.. it would be nice if I can just click on any place and the box would expand as I type and, like I mentioned before, shift-return could create a new line. Thank you for your consideration.


  • Anonymous

    the hotkeys do seem fairly awkward to press... maybe command-shift-1. Alright, I'm done. Thanmks.

  • Very old discussion, please look it up in the users list and/or this tracker.

    (Apart from that, you basically can do that, as far as it is possible and makes sense, while expanding text is not possible.)

    • status: open --> closed