#1269 3 things that I'd like to see


1) I don't understand why a text note has to be in a separate box. Can you add an option so that there's no background or box surrounding a text note. Just like a note annotation in osx preview. I just want to be able to write plain red text in the margins without any box or whatnot.

2) I don't understand why the free hand tool is "hidden" in the tools pulldown menu while everything else is right in the toolbar. Free hand is the only thing that I need that is missing from osx preview and it's like some kind of sacred feature.

3) An option to move the contents pane to the right of the screen. That is what I'm used to.

Thanks a lot.


  • First of all: don't combine requests.

    1) We have this option, just set a zero line width and a transparent background color.
    2) Because you cannot just add a freehand note, you have to *draw* it, so it is a "tool mode". There is a fundamental difference between tool modes (to draw notes) and adding notes.
    3) Lots of people want lots of different layout or whatever options. We cannot satisfy everybody. More options leads to more UI pollution and a less workable app.

    • status: open --> closed