#887 DVI and PDF Auto–Update does not work - same as ID: 3488658


I have the same problem as mentioned in the now closed report "DVI and PDF Auto–Update does not work - ID: 3488658" (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3488658&group_id=192583&atid=941981)

Original post:
I am generating DVI and PDF files with LaTeX, which I then view in Skim V 1.3.19 (70) on Os X V 10.6.8. I updated Skim yesterday (I guess from 1.3.18). Auto–update of DVI and PDF files is not working since.

What I did:
Delete and install latest version of Skim.

My system:
Mountain Lion, TextMate, Skim (all updated)

I also think it has to do with either Skim or TextMate + Skim. If I change the PDF viewer in TextMate to Preview or else, changes in the LaTeX document are immediately present in the PDF. When I switch back to Skim, the PDF is not updated or updated after countless attempts.


  • htwxx

    I've tried the same with Skim 1.3.20. The issue is still present. Other than updating from Lion to Mountain Lion, I did not change anything the last couple of weeks.

  • htwxx

    I guess I found the solution but would be happy if someone could clarify that there is no disadvantage to this approach:

    1) Skim > Preferences > Sync: "Check for file changes" must be active
    2) After compiling in TextMate > Skim/OSX asks me how I want to proceed > select "auto"

    I never used this option before. All used to work without issues before. Still no idea what caused the trouble.

  • Well, that works exactly as expected.

    • status: open --> closed