#885 command-G in Find broken


After installing Mountain Lion, command-G only works a few times before stopping. It might work once, twice, up to five times in a single search. It acts as if there are no more occurrences of the word, even for a common word. I tried using the arrows in the small find window and the forward arrow has the same problem. However, the backward arrow works as it should! I reinstalled Skim and rebooted but the problem persists.


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  • Sounds more like a problem in ML, which is nothing we can do about. This is Apple's problem.


  • Anonymous

    I have this same problem using OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) and Skim 1.3.20 (71). I'll search, get one or two hits with command-G, and then no more matches. I have a partial workaround - I manually place the cursor somewhere after the last match and continue using command-G, though it doesn't always seem to work. I don't remember this problem with earlier versions of Skim.

  • Dan Swain
    Dan Swain

    I have this problem as well (not just Cmd-G but also clicking the "next" arrow in the find bar).

    Are you certain that this is an Apple/ML problem? None of the other applications I've tried this in (including Preview) have this problem.

    I think it may be related to pdflatex output. I have other PDFs (unknown origin) where Find works just fine. On the other hand, for the documents where find does not work in Skim, find works fine in Preview.

    Even if the problem does not originate from Skim, it would be nice to know what is causing this problem so that we can let the pdflatex people know.

  • j_harrison

    I just posted a call for help at http://www.apple.com/feedback/macosx. Let's cross our fingers this will be fixed soon!

  • j_harrison

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  • The fact is that there's nothing changed in the Skim program about finding. So the only change is in the OS.

  • Hugo Mallinson
    Hugo Mallinson

    I am seeing this problem as well in ML with Skim 1.3.22 (73) and *only* with XeLatex documents.

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