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Check for duplicates! Before submitting a new bug report, please check to see if your problem was previously reported. The item may be closed. Also check the FAQ on the Skim Wiki.

Guidelines! Please read the Bug Reporting Guidelines.

Crashes: If you report a crash, please attach the crash log and relevant console logs. You can find the crash log using Console.app.

Hangs: If you report a hang (beachball), please attach a sample of Skim taken while the program hangs. You can create a sample using Activity Monitor.app.

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# Summary Status Created Updated Priority
1020 thread net.sourceforge.skim-app.queue.SKPDFSynchronizer crashes open-wont-fix 2015-03-12 2015-03-12 3  
1019 Skim blocks emptying trash open 2015-02-09 2 days ago 4  
1016 Problem with left panel open-wont-fix 2014-12-01 2 days ago 5  
1015 Reopen last open files not working at auto startup after login (Yosemite) open 2014-11-24 2014-11-25 3  
1014 Up-arrow not working when PDF is selected open-fixed 2014-11-23 2014-11-27 3  
998 Dragging Shape annotations across page boundaries leaves a trace of shape open 2014-06-26 2014-06-26 5  
991 Presentation transitions not working open-fixed 2014-04-25 2 days ago 4  
977 Full screen → normal view; zoom and pdf location bugs open-wont-fix 2013-12-25 2014-01-12 3  
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