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Spatial Knowledge Base / News: Recent posts

Spatial Knowledge Base 2.1 Released!

New Google Maps integration, online help/documentation, and new reporting features! Download it today.

Posted by Eric Reiners 2008-01-06

Spatial Knowledge Base 2.0 Released!

-Data model has been limited to a core set of properties necessary to track documents, archives, and sites. Administrators can now customize the metadata that they would like to track for sites and documents.
-New Map Viewer allows administrators to configure the layers, colors, and features available in the embedded maps. Bi-directional communication allows users to select a region and return all the sites found within that region. Layers can be turned on and off and users can pan, zoom in, and zoom out.
-Administrators can now enable privileges at the user and group level in order to control access to things like creating documents, editing sites, running reports and other features.
This release contains significant UI improvements in usability and look-and-feel. New graphics, icons, and layout all the user to more easily navigate the application.
-Users can now search PDF documents when performing searches of content.
-Projects have been removed from the UI and replace with Archives. Archives are a way to package documents into common groups. On upgrade all existing projects will be converted to Archives and all Document links will be preserved.

Posted by Eric Reiners 2007-04-19

Spatial Knowledge Base 1.0.4 Released

The latest release of Spatial Knowledge Base has several bug fixes in it including the ability to configure the background shape files used in the map viewer. Download it today and give it a try!

Posted by Eric Reiners 2006-03-30