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#2 Window positioning problems with wmaker

Hugo Haas

Excerpt from:

From: Joey Hess <>
To: Debian Bug Tracking System <>
Subject: sjog: window positioning problems with wmaker
multiple workspaces

This does not work well with windowmaker. Say I run
sjog in the first workspace. The menu appears there,
hides itself. Now I switch to workspace #2, click the
jog dial and the window comes up there. So far so good.
Let the window hide itself again.

Now, I return to workspace #1, and click the jog dial.
The window comes up now in workspace #2! Oops. The same
happens with the volume setting window. BTW, if I cause
it to be displayed in workspace #2 and then try to
display it in workspace #1. Actually, it will show up
in workspace #2 from now on, no matter what workspace I
am in.


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    This happens in sawfish too - I've run sjog with the
    commandline sjog -nc -rb.
    Please fix it, it's a pain in the arse.