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Project Development Halted.. Again :\

Unfortunately, due to an unforseen problem, the motherboard in the only viable machine i can use for this project has died, and currently a replacement cannot be afforded, anyone who wishes to help in this regard, please, please send a small donation to the project, i do sincerely want to get this project back on the road, but due to college my time, and the ammount i an earn has been severly limited. anyone who wishes to help, or to donate some towards a replacement part is most welcome, and their help will be extremely appreciated.

Posted by Tim Ireland 2004-10-11

Current Dev. Status

as you are all no doubt aware, there have been no updates to the project for quite a while now, this is unfortunatley because of an excessive hardware failure, and most of the hardware in the box is slowly being replaced/ repaired.
when its finally in a working state again, development will resume.
Unfortunatley, ETA on system is currently unknown, but development should be possible within the next few months, then i should be posting updates/ fixes for all current bugs

Posted by Tim Ireland 2004-04-06

CVS Updating resumed finally :)
atm, the modules present, 'gnuworld', 'ircu2.10', and 'cscweb'
are the default, unmodified versions.
i hope to be able to resume propper coding and updates for this project within the next two weeks


Posted by Tim Ireland 2004-01-13

Development Temporarily halted

unfortunately, due to personal reasons, and the fact that i have several extremely important exams coming up, development for this project has had to be halted, once these are dealt with then i will start work here again, hopefully this should be within a january- february 04 time frame

Posted by Tim Ireland 2003-12-11

Looking for Help...

we would like help within various areas of the project, mainly within website design, development of the software, and writing/maintaining technical documentation.
if any of these have any interest to you, view: for more information on the positions available

Posted by Tim Ireland 2003-11-28

CVS Updates

the latest stable release of gnuworld-sithnet is available ( should be...) via cvs pserver access.
the main changes in this are the temporary(?) disabling of the ADDUSERID, KILL and ADMINKILL Commands, and the importation of mod.uworld into the package, as well as a SET STRICTVOICE option (untested).
hopefully the cservice module will now compile, but currently i dont have the time to test this.
if you wish to be kept entirely up to date with the changes made to the project's code, please subscribe to the sithnet-dev-patches mailing list, as only *very* big or important changes will be posted here from now

Posted by Tim Ireland 2003-10-25

Project CVS Tree

CVS Tree has finally been updated to the latest versions of the gnuworld and ircu (our versions, not the 'official' ones).
the module names are:
gnuworld-sithnet and ircu2.10
however there are few changes in these that are not in the file releases, and the bugs that exist in those still exist in the cvs tree.

Posted by Tim Ireland 2003-10-19

New Forum!

we have a forum now available on
please use this before the forum on the project page as staff are more likely to check that.

Posted by Tim Ireland 2003-10-17

Re-release of gnuworld-sithnet

Finally, the promised next release is up. several bug fixes over the last release have been included - almost all the additional chanmode support is included and works. currently however cservice module does not compile and as yet i have been unable to fix this. to see a list of changes/ other information, please see the RELEASE.NOTES and ChangeLog files

Posted by Tim Ireland 2003-09-30

Project Help: looking for C/C++ Coders and PHP Web Designers

for details on what we require for c/c++ helpers, please visit

and for details on the php side, please visit

if you are interested in helping out in any way
(there are possibly other openings soon..) please drop me a line at darthsidious_ at read more

Posted by Tim Ireland 2003-09-27

Delay for Next Release -- UPDATE

Posted by Tim Ireland 2003-09-25

Release Delayed, eta unknown

the promised release has had to be delayed because at current the modified cservice module does not compile. at this time im not sure whether its a bug in gnuworld or something im doing. the next release will not include the additional channelmode support, as that does not seem to compile either. if anyone has successfully been able to get any additional commands that do not come with the standard gnuworld to compile, please email me and tell me how you managed it, as i feel that this may have something to do with it, as no ammount of debugging or recoding has been able to fix this. sorry for the delay's this entails but as soon as i can get these issues fixed a new release will be made available.

Posted by Tim Ireland 2003-09-16


there has been a lot of work done recently on the gnuworld module, all of which is *available* via CVS, however, as anonymous cvs access for the project is fecked and sf dont seem to be doing anything about it :/ there will be another file release within the next few days for the gnuworld modue which will incorporate all recent updates and should be fairly sync'd with undernet. until anoncvs is available there will be a file release whenever a largeish batch of changes are completed.

Posted by Tim Ireland 2003-09-03