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A little bug in 1.2 with GetRight


There's a litte bug in version 1.2.
When you export addresses to GetRight you get an error message that GetRight couldn't open the file. The problem is that SiteFinder does not give the export file the right name (SiteFinderJobs.grx).
Open GetRight directory and you'll find GetRight.exeSiteFinderJobs.grx - double click this file and GR will import the addresses.

The bug is already corrected, if you want you can get the .exe file by main: read more

Posted by Michal Leon Borsuk 2001-08-15

A stupid mistake in 1.1.50

Hello People!
I have to apologise to those who downloaded the compiled version of SiteFinder 1.1.50.
There was a minor bug with arrays that made the program crash. Now it's updated, but
for the reason of external links, I kept the version number and file name. So now the package is OK.



Posted by Michal Leon Borsuk 2001-07-29