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#208 Please document provide-library

Dan M.

Libraries can be loaded by two mechanisms: (require-
library) or (load). In environments where the user
can't control the classpath (such as some J2EE
containers), as well as to force reloading of modified
libraries, (load) is necessary.

Unfortunately, (load) doesn't "provide" a library (and
it can't -- because it can't deduce the standard
library name from the path). This is where (provide-
library) helps.

Therefore, please bring provide-library in the open by
documenting it.


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    SRFI-55 is supported, and is probably a better (more
    standard) way to expose that functionality.

  • Dan M.
    Dan M.

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    Apparently you misread my comment. require-library (and
    implicitly req-ext) *don't see* some libraries (due to
    classpath issues). In such cases (load) + (provide-library)
    are the only substitute. For this reason alone (and not to
    parallel SRFI-55) please document provide-library.

    What classpath issues, specifically?

    1) Situations where the class path already contains an older
    version of the library. Since there is no
    classpath-ext-PREPEND, the old lib always wins.

    2) Situations where (class-path-ext-append) is ignored. I'm
    not sure why, but I've seen that happen.

    3) Situations where I do not want to "pollute" the classpath
    (since there's no classpath-ext-UNAPPEND, such pollution
    cannot be cleaned up)

  • after glancing at provide-library inside the brief file "sisc/src/sisc/modules/libraries.scm", another dirty workaround would be

    -use require-library once to get the library name registered centrally and have the out of date library loaded
    -use load with explicit path to correct library file.

    i'm not sure if you are also using modules inside the files. but possibly, if you only needed to override the library and not reloaded it multiple times, you could perform the import after the 2 steps above.

    just my own feedback, i'm not weighing in on whether provide-library should be exposed or if classpath manipulation should be enhanced.