Hi Rob,

Thanks for your response. 

> Sorry about this - variables aren't supported here, and that's just
> bad documentation style on my part. The square brackets are just meant
> to show that those are placeholders, which you replace with the
> filename etc. - but I realise now that it's too similar to the
> variable notation.

> I'll get the docs updated to remove that misleading syntax. I've also
> had a look at actually allowing variables here - it's not as difficult
> as allowing variables for PCAP-play filenames, but not completely
> trivial. Could you maybe say more about what you're trying to do here,
> and how important having this as a variable is?

No worries on the documentation for rtp_stream. I agree that it would be good to update it at some point.

What we're trying to do is place a bunch of simultaneous calls with each call having different audio, i.e. rtp_stream reading from different audio files.  We've also tried running multiple instances of sipp (i.e. multiple sipp processes with each using a different scenario file that has the full audio file name in it), but that seems to result in all of the calls having the same audio. I'm not sure if it's an RTP port issue or something else. 

Should running multiple instances of sipp with unique audio files work? Anything special we need to do to get that going? We did play a bit with different RTP port ranges (i.e. give each sipp process instance a unique, non-overlapping RTP port range) but the behavior seemed the same -- all calls get the same audio.

Thanks in advance for your help,