Thanks for this, Peter - I don't want to put anything new into v3.4 at this stage, but I'm taking a look at this as part of early v3.5 work. In particular, the media port stuff looks sensible and will probably go in; I'm going to experiment a bit with out-of-scenario messages and see if I can reproduce that memory leak, as I'd expect successful calls to call terminate(CStat::E_CALL_SUCCESSFULLY_ENDED) which calls 'delete this', so it surprises me a little.

If you have existing scripts which you think might have exhibited the memory leak, it would be useful to see them.

Thanks again!


On 19/12/13 13:05, samwise wrote:

I work on a team which has made a collection of changes to a local
branch of SIPp v3.3 to work with our local environment, after we
experienced some instability after running a series of very long tests
with parallel instances of SIPp (i.e. over several days).  Some of
those team members have since left and my own C++ is ropey enough that
I'm not actually sure of all the ramifications of these changes.

Anyway, I thought I'd submit the patches I have to the SIPp users
mailing list so that you can take a look through and see whether any
of them would benefit v3.4, as it appears to be on the way, rather
than us maintaining a private branch.  Apologies if these duplicate
any other patch submissions / changes made since v3.3.

I realise that some of these changes may not be appropriate for the
mainline release, but I'd be interested to know if you do decide to
take any of these patches to apply to the main release.

Anyway, hope they're of some use.  Thanks!


1. Change to Call-Id format of number-pid-random@ip to include random
number which will prevent Call-Id from being repeated
2. Fix SIPp memory leak
3. Fixing bug in SIPp that did not check if the video port it was
binding to was in use
4. Increasing SIPp media port range
5. Fix another SIPp memory leak
6. Fix bug in Makefile when compiling with SCTP support

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