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Pidgin-SIPE 1.11.0 release

version 1.11.0 "Lotus Domino/Calendar & Voice Call" (2010-10-04)
- Feature #2859239: Voice call support (Jakub Adam)
* requires updated versions of libnice, farsight & pidgin
* only unencrypted calls as SRTP support is missing in farsight
- Feature #2945346: Lotus Notes/Domino Calendar integration (pier11):
* Sipe can now retrieve calendar data (Meeting schedule/subject/
location) from a web-enabled Lotus Domino server and publish it to
OCS2007/LCS2005 as availability information.
* Example: "Calendar: Currently Busy. Free at 11:30".
* Team members (contacts with access level Team) will be able to see
information about our current meeting (subject & location) (OCS2007).
* First calendar update is scheduled 1 minute after connect,
* Subsequent calendar updates happen in 30 minute intervals.
* Manual calendar update can be triggered using the following menu:
Accounts->{SIPE_ACCOUNT}->"Republish Calendar"
* Though Domino integration can work without any additional settings
in account configuration (on Windows), there are options to manually
provide Domino Services URL and email address/password if it's
different from SIP URI/Password settings on Basic tab.
- Fixed #2971422: idle check for OCS2005 presence case (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #2982424: krb5 build errors on FreeBSD (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #2997639: pidgin crash after accepting cert (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3001523: Cancelling a long pending file transfer crashes Pidgin (Jakub Adam)
- Fixed #3002993: Group Name issues with ampersand (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3029228: Calendar published at/with incorrect time (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3029929: Crash with outlook 2k3 Calendar (Stefan Becker)
- Fix logout from OCS (Jakub Adam)
- Implement workaround for buddy list menu memory leaks (Stefan Becker)
- Dropped UDP transport support (Stefan Becker)
- Rewrote TCP & TLS transport support (Stefan Becker)
- HTTP improvements: GET, cookies (pier11)
- Alternative crypt/digest implementation based on NSS (pier11)
- Rewrote message debug log and implemented an analyzer script for it (Stefan Becker)
- More internal changes to prepare for non-purple backends (Stefan Becker)
- New translation: Dutch (Flemish) 'nl' (fieona, ridiekel)
- New translation: Swedish 'sv' (Rijad)
- Added translations 'ar' 'hu' 'ja' 'ko' 'sv' 'zh_TW' submitted by Novell
- New build option: nss/mozilla-nss/microb-engine-nss for non-purple backends
- Add build option for kopete backend (Stefan Becker)
- mingw build using standard approach, i.e. with auto* tools. (pier11)
- Updated Adium port (Emanuele Zattin)

Posted by FixXxeR 2010-10-04