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sipe-domino bad parameters?

  • Jochen De Smet
    Jochen De Smet

    I'm updating the miranda parts to make things compile again after the photo functions got added, and I'm seeing some unrelated warnings in sipe-domino that seem legitimate.

    sipe-domino calls http_conn_create three times, twice with sipe_domino_process_calendar_response as second-to-last parameter and once with sipe_domino_process_login_response.  Both of these have a const char* as their third parameter (for content_type) , but the definition for HttpConnCallback says it should be a GSList (with all headers).

    I'm not sure why the purple builds aren't complaining about this.

  • Stefan Becker
    Stefan Becker

    sipe-domino.c is dead code for UNIX therefore I have removed it from non-Windows builds some time ago to shut up Coverity. I guess nobody ran a mingw build after commit af2249b2…