Sorry Gihan
I do not see anything

On Jan 11, 2008 4:40 PM, Gihan Dias <> wrote:
Bhikkhu Mettavihari wrote:
> I am a bit confused by what you say or maybe I have confused you.
> However, when mixing Sinhala, Tamil and English on the same line, in the
> same point size, I believe they should all look the same size.
> This is exactly what I would like to happen
> and it does not happen with the present fonts.
> සිංහල යුනිකෝඩ් සමූහය - Sinhala Unicode Group.
> Does this look the same seize on your screen ?
Using Vista with Thunderbird, What I get is:

The first sample uses Dinamina and the second, Malithi Web.