Dear Michael,

Yes you are correct. Although they have been not used anymore in the contemporary literature, some letters have been added to the Sinhala Unicode page as well as to SLS1134. Sorry for my poor memory.

As I mentioned, I am not sure about the fact that they are letters instead of numbers. As you said the sources are clearly saying that they are numerals. I will try to get some more information regarding that.

But before we conclude, we can check whether there are any real sources like palmirah scripts. All the sources you referring are third party sources but not any real old sinhala literature sources. If you know any ancient book or any other source which contains these letters, I can verify them. Hear in Sri Lanka we can find old books in museum and in temples. If there are no real historical sources, then there is no point of having archaic numerals in the code chart.

However, the Sinhala letters have been evolved and changed there shapes so far from the day we stop using those numerals. But the shapes of the numerals have not changed. It is quite clear the differences between the shapes of the current letters and them.

Currently we are using Arabic  numbers effectively. Almost all important ancient books have been printed using the modern scripts and Arabic numerals. So if there is an argument that, in order to write the ancient scripts we need to have archaic numerals, in the same way we may need to have the archaic characters as well.

Does any of the other indic languages are considering to add there old numerals to the code charts?

Also, even the Roman numerals are used with Latin in old days they are not part of any of Latin Code Charts in Unicode. I don't know whether there is any script which have included the current characters and archaic characters mixed in one code chart. I may be wrong because I am not an expert in this area, but I just go through some of the code charts. I think there is a separate area for ancient scripts where the ancient Greek numerals are placed. Can't we put the Sinhala numerals there?

Again I appreciate the contributions you have been making for long time for the Sinhala computing.