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Project no longer active

As of Sept 2010, this project is no longer active. All source has been saved but this project will not be developed or supported any longer.

Posted by Yakov Shafranovich 2010-09-12

Added support for more readers

Readers added to OPML:

Google Reader

Posted by Yakov Shafranovich 2006-02-14

SingleSub v0.1.1 Released

First version of SingleSub since the move to Sourceforge has been released. New features included gzip support and optional external OPML file feature.

Posted by Yakov Shafranovich 2005-10-31

Move to SF Complete

SingleSub code has been checked into CVS and moved to SourceForge as well as the file releases.

Posted by Yakov Shafranovich 2005-10-31