Aditya Darmawan

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I'm sorry for long time no updates after first release of this application

Now, I give this version 0.5. The most important changes are,

  • Fix the 99% status bug of finished download
  • Fix DeadObject (or blah...) error everytime this program ends

Just that ;-)

This version is packaged in the form of DEB package.


You need to install these packages prior to install this application,

  • axel
  • python-wxgtk2.8

If you use Ubuntu, the easiest way to install dependency is typing to terminal,

$ sudo apt-get install axel python-wxgtk2.8


Make sure all dependencies are satisfied.

Open terminal, cd to directory where you save spdm_0.5.deb package and type,

$ sudo dpkg -i spdm_0.5.deb