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League Commissioner 1.0.3 released

237 LC -- Include Wins Produced for POTY calculations LC 1.0.3 closed 3 days ago 23 hours ago 5
238 LC -- Noll-Scully competitive balance calculation LC 1.0.3 closed 3 days ago 1 day ago 5

Posted by tds 2013-01-13

LC 1.0.2 released

A handful of updates, and now it's rolled out and ready to go. Enjoy!

Posted by tds 2012-12-28

SSC 3.0.7 released

Some bug fixes, improvements in interface, new RAT features included.

Posted by tds 2012-12-24

SSC 3.0.0 released

Back from the dead, and the new version is up. Fire away with any new bugs and I'll try to get them ironed out soon. Enjoy!

Posted by tds 2012-04-09

Working on a new version of the SSC

I'm bringing this back from the dead. If you have features you'd like to see, let me know, and I'll try to incorporate them.

Posted by tds 2012-03-13

LC 0.9.24 released

All new signing list (try it at the end of the season---you'll like it). Also fixed the nagging bug with the season wrap up window. Also fixed the power ranking fiasco.

Posted by tds 2008-07-09

SSC 2.5.9 released

and it's away . . . let me know if you have problems.

Posted by tds 2008-07-08

SSC 2.5.8 released

And it's out . . . a few minor fixes . . . have at it.

Posted by tds 2008-06-08

SSC 2.5.6 released

Best part of this one is that you can now export your SSC stats to excel. (File-->Export). We're making progress here. Keep sending in your bug reports and feature requests.

Posted by tds 2008-04-24

SSC 2.5.5 released

A few more bug fixes . . . let me know if you run into any more problems.

Posted by tds 2008-04-22

SSC 2.5.4 released

Noticed a bug in the last one; this should fix your import/export problems.

SSC 2.5.4
[Fix] 1944251 Attach svdb to stats class
[Fix] 1944266 Refactor Viewer constructor code
[Fix] 1944553 Viewer game not importing and updating

Posted by tds 2008-04-17

SSC 2.5.3 released

SSC 2.5.3
[New] 1940906 On foulus, include foul number
[New] 1940905 Mask ball in viewer
[New] 1942256 Set lineup for all games
[New] 1942312 Kepp track of pts in the paint
[New] 1942311 Keep track of pts off turnovers
[New] 1943431 Include opportunty for name/password to log in
[Opt] 1941008 Optimize game import mechanism
[Opt] 1940885 Break viewer class from window
[Fix] 1940907 Error on switch player
[Fix] 1939735 Cannot serach for player
[Fix] 1939821 Crash with viewer when not importing coaching settings
[Fix] 1939843 Edit atts window not saving
[Fix] 1940920 BLock number not updating correctly
[Fix] 1940922 Missed free throws updating score
[Fix] 1942283 Shots not properly countng
[Fix] 1942465 Don't switch to stats when game ends
[Fix] 1942464 Straighten up viewer columns
[Fix] 1942633 scores not updating after FT

Posted by tds 2008-04-16

LC 0.9.23 released

LC 0.9.23
[Opt] 1939791 Clean up conf recap codea
[Fix] 1939350 Unable to Generate Game Recap
[Fix] 1943273 MoV reports all games as close
[Fix] 1943277 Connect for all box score pbp

Posted by tds 2008-04-15

SSC 2.5.2 released

SSC 2.5.2
[New] 1935538 Show boxscores for top 25, just league, or all
[New] 1933522 Instructions vs. Results
[New] 1936169 Team ranking in box score viewer
[New] 1935553 Include starts/bench breakdown
[New] 1936361 Top 75/max top 75
[Opt] 1936362 DB update path
[Opt] 1938266 Reorder stats
[Opt] 1938999 Clean up PlayerHistory code
[Fix] 1936171 Set initial box score selection
[Fix] 1936376 No / in maxt75
[Fix] 1937307 Viewer text for midrange on blocks is wrong
[Fix] 1938932 Not exporting PBP or HTML box score
[Fix] 1938878 Unable to Load Team

Posted by tds 2008-04-12

LC 0.9.22 released

LC 0.9.22
[New] 1934625 Include rating in PRCalc page
[Fix] 1931399 Conf Recap
[Fix] 1936375 Remove extraneous HTML tags in msgboard format

Posted by tds 2008-04-09

SSC 2.5.1 released

[New] 1933500 Stats/Documentation/Features
[New] 1935008 Include text for short, mid, and long range shots
[New] 1934718 Autogenerate "who are you maxing"
[Fix] 1933518 Player Height
[Fix] 1933946 Add custom stats not working correctly
[Fix] 1934693 Change RAT weblinks
[Fix] 1934683 Change CSO to SSC
[Fix] 1934669 Standardize random
[Fix] 1934690 HS Info doubles and doesn' delete out properly
[Fix] 1934667 PBP text edit not importing correctly
[Fix] 1934664 Just import PBP not working
[Fix] 1935463 Incorrect wording for SV text
[Fix] 1935462 Doesn't track RPs when download new player info
[Fix] 1935493 Error on t75 import

Posted by tds 2008-04-05

SSC 2.5.0 out

SSC 2.5.0
[New] 1930787 Search for within 5 regions
[New] 1930792 Search by preferences
[Opt] 1926564 Refactor MyList
[Opt] 1926582 Clean up edit player attributes
[Opt] 1931297 Convert RAT Preferences over to integer
[Fix] 1926499 Can't select LB in game viewer
[Fix] 1926518 Correct error handling
[Fix] 1926497 On create new team, input season
[Fix] 1927546 Leaders box not loading until selection
[Fix] 1929539 Remove Add button, move to save
[Fix] 1929542 Correct MyList RP sort BaseSQL
[Fix] 1931300 In statviewer, new window instead of reusing old
[Fix] 1932701 Can't search
[Fix] 1933519 Preferences
[Fix] 1933489 Crashes
[Fix] 1933779 Getting started, can't create new db
[Fix] 1932804 Two viewers open

Posted by tds 2008-04-04

LC 0.9.21 released

LC 0.9.21
[New] 1930249 Rewrite cPR ratings to be more fluid
[New] 1931399 Conf Recap
[Opt] 1931338 Clean up LC player ratings check
[Fix] 1930598 Rewrite tendex to better represent winning players
[Fix] 1931396 Conf Recap

Let me know if this cleans up some of the problems you were having.

Posted by tds 2008-04-02

LC 0.9.20 released

LC 0.9.20
[New] 1927552 LC error trapping
[New] 1930193 Selectable Game Previews
[Fix] 1902201 GOTW Recap MB Formatting
[Fix] 1928195 Conf Recap URLs

These are some quick fixes--they may not be perfect, but I wanted to get something out there. Also, I'm still working on the message board formatting issue. The big problem is that phpbb2.0 doesn't allow for table formatting. We're looking to see if we could switch over to a different format that would allow custom mods.

Posted by tds 2008-03-31

If you'd like to see this keep going . ..

let me know. I haven't touched the SimSportsUtilities in awhile. If there is interest and specific feature request/bug reports, I can make some progress on it.

Posted by tds 2008-02-21

LC 0.9.19 released

LC 0.9.19
1733864 [New] NTT Preview: include at-large, tourney champion, etc.
1733867 [New] NTT Preview: Include SoS
1738832 [New] Include all NTT team preference
1733847 [Fix] NTT Preview: colon after numbers
1733845 [Fix] Power rankings: not repeating #s
1733857 [Fix] Extra space in tourney preview
1733862 [Fix] Tourney preview: too much experience weakness
1733929 [Fix] NTT Preview: Tweak experience and depth

Posted by tdane 2007-06-18

SSC 2.4.19 released

SSC 2.4.19 1731751 [Fix] Hall of Fame: delete when opening 1731750 [Fix] SSC Awards: Season, Player, Award all off reaone

Posted by tdane 2007-06-14

LC 0.9.18 released

LC 0.9.18
1729810 [Fix] Error on conference recap
1729811 [Fix] Conference recap: OT error
1729790 [Fix] After game 15, download conference standings
1731765 [Fix] Include team w/l record in GOTW
1731768 [New] NTT Preview: INclude ConfFinish
1731769 [New] Conf Preview: Previous finish

Posted by tdane 2007-06-06

LC 0.9.17 released

LC 0.9.17 1729049 [Fix] When downloading teams, if you're on a slow connection 1723912 [Fix] Conf Preview: High or low teams are wrong 1722185 [Fix] 6th man rankings

Posted by tdane 2007-06-02

SSC 2.4.18 out

SSC 2.4.18
1727216 [Fix] When deleting exhibition game, delete correct game
1726126 [Fix] New Season
1727217 [Fix[ Show exhibition game stats before you start with season stat
1723130 [Fix] better handling of season rollover
1728658 [Fix] Additional line in stat views
1729723 [Fix] When loading new team, revert to main page
1729726 [Fix] PBP import: check lineups

Posted by tdane 2007-06-02