well, every one using the simulator, needs to process the captures taken from the camera, but there is no real camera on the head of the robot in the simultor. This is important because the solutions of image processing sometime depends on the robotic applications….

this is been on the whishlist of the simspark plans from 2008! don’t you think that it’s time to get it done!
using Microsoft WPF we can set as many as camera’s all around the world (even on a joint of the robot) and get the picture from what that camera sees. by telling this I want to mention that reaching to this goal is possible and somehow I think that is not that hard!

the camera can be exactly like the one that renders the 3d world and shows us that, as we can change the position of the field main camera and rotate it’s direction, if the same camra was on the head of the robot and the direction and position of the camera could change by changing the kinematics of the head, then we could see what robot sees! am I wrong? if not, that wouldn’t be a hard task to do.

Are you really planning to add a real camera to the robot (for example on the head) and let us get a render of the scene that robot sees? If yes, when will it get done? this feature would be very appreciated.

Best Regards,
Mojtaba Hosseini