Hi Joschka,
Happy to hear from you again! :) And thank you for your continued support for SimSpark (and sorry for slow integration of some of them. However, I'm working on integrating the GUI work to trunk/. Unfortunately, the latest work on Bullet support is not committed to subversion repository and he didn't answer my email last time I didn't try again though :P.).

This is great. Such tool is highly needed specially for using new robot types. :)


On ۱۳/۰۶/۱۳ 07:04, Joschka Boedecker wrote:
Hi all,

@Hedayat, Klaus, and Sander: thanks a lot for the work on the new SimSpark release!

I wanted to let you know that Axel Peter, a student from University of Koblenz, made a nice little tool that facilitates creating new agents and robot models for the current SimSpark simulator. He called it RSGCreator, and it's available here:


Also check out the wiki:


It has a nice tutorial of how to create a new robot for SimSpark, based on the open-source CAD files of the Nimbro-OS robots by Sven Behnke and his team:


He also made a model of the M3-Neony robot we had at Osaka University (see attached screen shots), but this is not included in the download yet since we're not sure about distribution rights etc.

This should make it easier to develop even more heterogeneous teams for the next competition :-)

Good luck to all at Eindhoven!