Hi Mahdi,
I made some sample runs in my system with the new simspark (with only 1 agent), and I cannot confirm the problem. All of the messages I checked was correct. Also, the agent's vision about himself is OK. This is a sample message I received from the server:
(time (now 34.70))(GS (unum 1) (team left) (t 0.00) (pm BeforeKickOff))(GYR (n torso) (rt -0.00 0.00 0.00))(HJ (n hj1) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n hj2) (ax -0.00))(See (G2R (pol 11.20 -1.65 1.19)) (G1R (pol 11.25 5.46 1.15)) (F1R (pol 12.04 21.41 -2.65)) (F2R (pol 11.78 -17.75 -2.62)) (B (pol 5.24 4.48 -5.50)) (P (team UI-AI) (id 1) (rlowerarm (pol 0.19 -35.02 -22.23)) (llowerarm (pol 0.19 35.55 -22.17))))(HJ (n raj1) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n raj2) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n raj3) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n raj4) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n laj1) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n laj2) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n laj3) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n laj4) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n rlj1) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n rlj2) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n rlj3) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n rlj4) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n rlj5) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n rlj6) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n llj1) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n llj2) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n llj3) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n llj4) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n llj5) (ax -0.00))(HJ (n llj6) (ax -0.00))

Do you print received messages in standard output or a file? Maybe there is a problem with standard output buffer?! Would you please try writing the received information only in a file and check to see if the problem still exists?

Thanks a lot,

Mahdi <zigorat3d@gmail.com> wrote on ۰۹/۰۲/۱۳ 06:16:10:

Hi all

  Is there anyone having problem with sent messages from the simulator? In my case, they seem to be broken, and they appear nearly in every cycle. Some of them accompanied by skipping remaining time messages. I guessed that it may be caused from my graphic hardware, so I disabled internal monitor. Nothing changed. The problem seems not to have any relations with graphics. Even I double checked my connection interface for possible message chunks that are not correctly appended to each other, but that works fine. No problems on that part.

  take a look at one of the faulty simulator messages: (I have broke the message in lines)

(time (now 3.66))
(GS (t 0.00) (pm BeforeKickOff))
(GYR (n torso) (rt 0.00 0.00 0.00))
(See (G1L (pol 2.66 -107.74 8.66))
  (G2L (pol 4.00 -101.59 5.74))
  (G2R (pol 11.87 -19.20 1.93))
  (G1R (pol 11.48 -12.58 2.00))
  (F1L (pol 1.20 135.00 -19.47))
  (F2L (pol 7.26 -96.34 -3.16))
  (F1R (pol 11.24 4.09 -2.04))
  (F2R (pol 13.32 -32.74 -1.72))
  (B (pol 6.12 -31.61 -3.36))
  ( (id head) (pol 0.15 89.96 90.00))
  ( (id rlowerarm) (pol 0.19 -34.99 26.17))
  ( (id llowerarm) (pol 0.19 34.99 26.17))
  ( (id rfoot) (pol 0.36 -69.26 -80.56))
  ( (id lfoot) (pol 0.36 69.12 -80.57))
(HJ (n hj1) (ax 0.00))
(HJ (n hj2) (ax 0.00))
(HJ (n raj1) (ax 0.00))
(HJ (n raj2) (ax -0.00))
(HJ (n raj3) (ax -0.00))
(HJ (n raj4) (ax 0.00))
(HJ (n laj1) (ax 0.00))
(HJ (n laj2) (ax 0.00))
(HJ (n laj3) (ax -0.00))
(HJ (n laj4) (ax -0.00))
(HJ (n rlj1) (ax 0.00))
(HJ (n rlj2) (ax -0.03))
(HJ (n rlj3) (ax 18.66))
(HJ (n rlj4) (ax -43.13))
(HJ (n rlj5) (ax 23.06))
(HJ (n rlj6) (ax 0.18))
(HJ (n llj1) (ax -0.02))
(HJ (n llj2) (ax -0.01))
(HJ (n llj3) (ax 18.67))
(HJ (n llj4) (ax -43.13))
(HJ (n llj5) (ax 23.06))
(HJ (n llj6) (ax -0.17))
(n llj6) (ax -0.17))
(FRP (n lf) (c -0.01 -0.03 -0.01) (f 0.11 0.06 23.02))
(HJ (n llj6) (ax -0.17))))))))

As it seems, the problem is that the perceptors are jamming with each other.

and in the middle of the see perception goes agent vision of himself (I guess), which does not have any tokens to show if they are for the agent himself or not. If they could have an indicator, that would be much better