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Scripting interface

  • Hi,

    I wonder if is possible to support a comprehensive set of commands that allow scripting the SimplyHTML editor. This could be for example file operations (closing a file, (re-)loading a file), editor operations (insert some HTML at the cursor position) etc. I can propose some interfaces for this if there is interest.

    The reason I ask is that I have an application with an embedded SimplyHTML editor, and I'd like to manipulate it from outside. Another use case is that when SimplyHTML is embedded in a web page, it can be controlled via a javascript interface.

    I managed to implement several of such commands already, but I needed to make modifications to the interfaces of SimplyHTML for this.

    Note that inserting HTML fragments in a document is a very painful operation. SimplyHTML does a better job at this than others, but still there are many problems with it. The commercial editor Sferyx seems to have solved most of these problems, but it is not clear how they did this.