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Simple Groupware 0.702 released

Quick buttons were added to the modules for expenses and timesheets.
The preview for PDF files was expanded with an image preview for the first page.
Links from contacts to appointments, tasks and contact activities were implemented.
An option was implemented to hide fields in the display and details views.
A new script was added to allow batch importing of files from the local file system.
The automatic browser detection was extended for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Curl.
Fixes were applied to the preview of multi-image files and
drag and drop upload with special characters in filenames.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-01-31

Simple Groupware 0.701 released

Conditions were added to the "singlebutton" tag in sgsML.
A new option was implemented to show folder descriptions in the content area.
Small notifications were moved to the menu bar.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-01-10

Simple Groupware 0.700 released

Support and code for the Oracle database was dropped.
The Smarty template engine was extended to handle static member functions as modifiers.
Database requirements were increased for PostgreSQL (8.36+).

Posted by Thomas Bley 2011-01-02

Simple Groupware 0.665 released

An option was added to fix the paging bar to the bottom of the page.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-12-29

Simple Groupware 0.664 released

An option was added to define a second super administrator.
The PmWiki markup was extended to format fetched content.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-12-27

Simple Groupware 0.663 released

A rating field was added to the bookmarks module.
The validation function itemsexist was re-added.
Fixes were applies to escaping quotes in IMAP passwords and a typo in copy/paste code.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-12-22

Simple Groupware 0.662 released

A new simple type was added for rating assets.
The "data" tag was expanded with a "reverse" attribute in sgsML.
Distribution of caches on the file system was optimized.
The period of refreshing folders was made configurable.
A fix was applied to charset conversion in the IMAP module.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-12-20

Simple Groupware 0.661 released

A new "form" attribute was added to the "field" tag in sgsML.
The encoding of the file browser's sources was changed.
Fixes were applied to charset conversion in the IMAP module and the "week start" parameter in the calendar popup.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-12-15

Simple Groupware 0.660 released

Fixes were applied to sending mails with "bcc:" syntax and
missing view tabs when using custom view permissions.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-12-04

Simple Groupware 0.659 released

A new script was added to perform an unattended update.
The setup was fixed for PostgreSQL.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-11-28

Simple Groupware 0.658 released

A free/busy view was added to calendar locations.
Copy/paste mappings were extended with default values and lookups.
The setup was improved to set the "display_errors" parameter automatically at runtime.
A fix was applied to download locations in the extension manager.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-11-27

Simple Groupware 0.657 released

The BIFFwriter limit parameter was increased to speed up spreadsheet exports.
MD5 checksums were added to the release informtion.
Downloading attachments was fixed for the CMS module.

Checksums (md5sum):
SimpleGroupware_0.657.tar.gz ad7159efac4542a92f58dcaf663bcfe3 78883688e870d69ecbae27ec16132909

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-11-17

Simple Groupware 0.656 released

Playing MP3 files and FLV videos directly in the web-browser was added.
The drag and drop function was extended to upload files by dropping URLs.
Default values for assets were implemented in folder properties and URL parameters.
New schema mappings were added to move mails POP3/IMAP folder directly to the emails module.
Quicklinks were added for folders.
A workaround for using session encryption with the suhosin extension was included.
Fixes were applied to the old update procedure, using carbon copies (cc:) in notifications and scrolling on Android devices.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-11-15

Simple Groupware 0.655 released

A new option was implemented to disable modules globally and re-enable them for special users.
Self registration was added to the login page.
Administration was improved by a new function to clear the trash folder.
A new minimal folder structure was added to the setup.
The background image for the login page was changed.
Error handling was improved in the LDAP login handler.
The POP3 module was extended to open mails in an external mail client.
Fixes were applied to handle unknown charsets in the IMAP module and downloading files in merged folders.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-10-30

Simple Groupware 0.654 released

Config variables in Simple Spreadsheet were cleaned up.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-10-04

Simple Groupware 0.653 released

A new filter operator was implemented for matching one than one value.
The Flexigrid export was replaced by the ExtJS grid.
XSS protection was added to Simple Spreadsheet markup.
A fix was applied to remove warnings in the spreadsheet export.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-10-01

Simple Groupware 0.652 released

The WikiStylesPlus recipe was added to the PmWiki engine.
Redirection from "edit as new" to the "edit" view was implemented.
A fix was applied to make select fields required.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-09-28

Simple Groupware 0.651 released

A missing folder for the ExtJS framework was added to the package.
The CMS module was expanded with a new include page directive.
A fix was applied to copying mails from IMAP to the emails module.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-09-25

Simple Groupware 0.650 released

Drag and drop was implemented for assets and folders.
The CMS module was expanded with an ExtJS grid.
Column names in spreadsheet export were changed to displayed names.
The "cust_name" attribute was renamed to "custom_name" in sgsML.
Module names starting with "nosql_" were renamed to "nodb_".
The Spanish translation was updated and a fix was applied to resolving folder paths in SOAP.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-09-23

Simple Groupware 0.645 released

Uploading files by using a URL was added to Simple Spreadsheet and the SOAP server.
The default value for the "separator" attribute was changed in sgsML.
The "multiple" attribute was renamed to "separator" in sgsML.
A cleanup was made on Javascript variables.
Fixes were applied to the spreadsheet type handler and customizing stylesheets.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-09-18

Simple Groupware 0.644 released

Using "cc:" and "bcc:" in notifications was implemented.
The new attribute "is_unique_trash" was added to sgsML,
and a cleanup was made on the attributes "multiple" and "simple_size".
A fix was applied to downloads in the CMS module.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-09-13

Simple Groupware 0.643 released

* raised requirement to PHP 5.2.0
* added new survey module
* replaced trigger_*_ccp with trigger_* in sgsML
* changed "showonly" tag to view attribute in sgsML
* changed "readonlyall" attribute to "readonly" in sgsML
* added "hiddenin" attribute to sgsML
* added "load_css" attribute to sgsML
* added "no_checks" attribute to sgsML
* added rounded borders (GUI) to Opera
* added css gradients (GUI) to IE
* fixed XSS injections for IE

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-09-10

Simple Groupware 0.642 released

The updater was extended to handle update methods from extensions.
Error handling was optimized for initializing IMAP connections.
Fixes were applied to unicode names in the WebDAV server and uninstalling extensions.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-09-03

Simple Groupware 0.641 released

The use of differential sgsML schemas was implemented.
A new option was added to do an installation without demo folders.
Date and time formats were changed in the Swedish translation.
Persistent connections were disabled for SQLite.
Department and project triggers were fixed.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-08-24

Simple Groupware 0.640 released

A new extension manager was implemented.
The URL syntax for folders was changed to view more than one folder.
An option was added to create multiple folders at once.
The free/busy view was moved to the preview pane.
The default URI in the SOAP server was changed for Perl compatibility.
A fix was applied to deleting rows in Simple Spreadsheet and binaries were moved to an extension.

Posted by Thomas Bley 2010-08-22