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Jim Michaels

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  • Jim Michaels
    Jim Michaels

    simplesysinfo - Simple System Info

    sysinfo Gives some basis system info for windows
    Lists the following:

    • computer name,
    • user name,
    • OS,
    • service pack,
    • total ram,
    • total pagefile,
    • c: total space,
    • c: free space,
    • IP address,
    • startup directory,
    • ram+pagefile avail,
    • relative memory load,
    • desktop directory,
    • avail ram,
    • avail pagefile,
    • pagesize granularity,
    • temp dir,
    • date,
    • time,
    • desktop width & height,
    • total virtual,
    • avail virtual,
    • avail extended virtual.

    This is based on some code I got from Autoit3 that gives system info. I added to it and refined it, and I may refine it some more and enhance it more in the future by re-doing all the system info stuff through a C++ command-line tool in the background and win32 calls and generating a report in a large text window. I can allow the user to control some aspects of how they see the report, such as using IEC (computer) units or SI units, since I already have libraries of code written in C++ for this type of stuff. code which I intend to put on sourceforge.

    For a complete system info program go to cpuid.com and look for pc wizard. it is the most comprehensive system info program I have run across.

    simplesysinfo is not tested on 64-bit yet but should work. a response back from someone who can vouch for it working on some of the bottom stuff would be appreciated. I don't know what the virtual stuff is for.


    This is under the GPL3 License.