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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r207] by john_schlick

Update to simple_html_dom for folks that do not have mb_detect_encoding in their PHP installation.

Minor update to the test page.

2013-01-05 19:30:32 Tree
[r206] by john_schlick

Add a scraping example to the codebase so that it's easy to test simple_html_dom, and see if it's selecting things from the page.

This also makes it easy to see if it's broken for a given page that people might tell me about.

2012-12-30 08:19:41 Tree
[r205] by john_schlick

Finish conversion to new sourceforge Debug_Object project

2012-11-05 23:21:29 Tree
[r204] by john_schlick

add some debug code to the __set routine.

2012-10-26 21:38:44 Tree
[r203] by john_schlick

add some {}'s where they were missing.

2012-10-10 23:51:58 Tree
[r202] by john_schlick

Add comment showing that you can use the debugobject project

2012-10-10 20:37:21 Tree
[r201] by john_schlick

update the debug_object to better match the sourceforge debug_object project.

2012-10-10 20:11:40 Tree
[r200] by john_schlick

Update the manual html pages for the simple_html_dom project.

2012-10-10 18:52:49 Tree
[r199] by john_schlick

up to date version of the manual page.

2012-10-10 18:29:33 Tree
[r198] by john_schlick

Move to tab formatting of the sourcecode. (fewer characters, faster load.)

2012-10-10 17:05:02 Tree
[r197] by john_schlick

updat ehte change log a little tiny bit.

2012-09-10 23:17:21 Tree
[r196] by john_schlick

Minor paperg tweaks.

2012-09-10 23:08:28 Tree
[r195] by john_schlick

recieved a few updates in a patch from nick-l
took many of them, but not all.

2012-09-10 22:50:41 Tree
[r194] by john_schlick

Added a get_display_size for IMg tags. Returns an array with the sizes that were specified for the image if any are present. More work can be done to this, but it gets a lot of the easy cases.

2012-04-20 02:33:15 Tree
[r193] by john_schlick

minor update to dump_node in order to fix php errors that it was throwing.
minor formatting changes as we go.
enhanced comments about what is what.

2012-02-07 22:51:32 Tree
[r192] by john_schlick

remove BOM (Byte Order Marker) from beginning and end of utf-8 text that gets output.

2011-11-24 22:04:41 Tree
[r191] by john_schlick

issue with convert_text not being able to read dom variable to tell what character sets to use.

2011-11-24 21:53:26 Tree
[r190] by john_schlick

Found and fixed the possibility of an infinite loop due to broken html tags in restore_noise.
did a minor tweak to the document size, and save the original_size of the html so that it can be used externally.

2011-09-22 20:54:48 Tree
[r189] by john_schlick

add forced spaces after span tag on plaintext in order to have it look "better" for users wanting plaintext.

2011-08-09 00:02:24 Tree
[r188] by john_schlick

applied the patch for handling "noise" better.
Tracker patch id is: ID: 2892467

2011-08-02 01:48:52 Tree
[r187] by john_schlick

Change the version number to 1.5 just for clarity.

2011-07-26 20:11:35 Tree
[r186] by john_schlick

spelled a variable name wrong.

2011-07-26 00:52:17 Tree
[r185] by john_schlick

update the change log a little bit.

2011-07-14 17:00:07 Tree
[r184] by john_schlick

oops. Forgot to unmodify the Paperg part of the project.

2011-07-14 16:54:22 Tree
[r183] by john_schlick

first update in several years.

2011-07-14 16:26:17 Tree
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