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Release: renderoption

It is now possible to select drawing method of choice. Of course some minor fixes and improvements are also included.

With Qt 4 it is relatively easy to render the image in several ways. Depending on platform, drivers and hardware the performance may differ a lot --- "5x faster" would probably be the sticker on the box, if you catch my drift. After letting this stew in svn for over a year I decided that I won't find any acceptable way to auto-select rendering method, so now it is released as a user selectable option requiring "save settings" and restart of the program... User friendly it is not.... read more

Posted by joaha 2010-07-29

Speedup and Bug-Fixes

After cleaning up the code to pure Qt 4 there was time to rearrange the rendering code somewhat, which made it faster and also support alpha blending (transparency) of the layer colours.

Other small fixes include: a menu rearrangement that makes it usable on Mac OS, file dialog shows gds-files on Windows, antialiased drawing option and smoothed pixmap when resizing the window.

Posted by joaha 2008-07-07

Speed and Wheel-Zoom

A new release which, apart from all newly introduced bugs, also features slightly slower (re-)draw (of flat libraries). And what could be better than triggering them with a quick spin of the mouse-wheel? It should be much faster when you zoom in hierarchical libraries, though.

If you have to use an OS that differentiate between files and files, this release might work for you too.

Posted by joaha 2007-05-12


Svn version (as of today) may work on other platforms supported by Qt4 (than unix-like), since the gds-file is opened in "binary" mode now. YMMV of course. Testing has been absolutely minimal (due to my OS allergies).

Posted by joaha 2007-04-06

Migration bugfixes

New release with fix for wrong handling of path ends and an added feature for changing path corner behaviour.

Posted by joaha 2006-12-09

Qt 4 and subversion

I finally managed to migrate to subversion and commit the porting to Qt 4. The source is also released as version 2.0qt4.

Posted by joaha 2006-06-18