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Release 0.2.13 Reports show in browser

Finally the reports are shown immediately: a browser opens with the report. as it was the intention (but thrown out for gnome compatibility).

Reports stay in the report directory as long as wanted, can be viewed there without running the facs (simplefacs) program.

Settings allow to set a default browser, eg. "firefox", "konqueror", ..

You have a browser window open already, and want to choose the report to view yourself? Then you can switch off opening the report in the browser.... read more

Posted by wignoxqs 2010-06-07

Release 0.2.5 Extra supplier and invoice data

Supplier remark is now devided in "Description of supplier" and "standard text" to offer on invoices of supplier.
Invoice has an extra field to store a number. This can be used to store the value of a counter of a machine (miles/km/pieces/..) or an amount related to the invoice, just whatever number you want to find back later to calculate with.

Posted by wignoxqs 2009-07-28

Release 0.1.0 Easy db setup from zero

Now MySQL database, tables and user are created from within the facs program, which makes it easy to install and start to use. Just take menu File, Start New and adjust.

Posted by wignoxqs 2009-01-20

Release 0.0.97: we'll use it

Facs Aids Cost Supervision is now at a stage where it will be installed on a user's computer to get RUF :-) (Real User Feedback).

It will be used in a small business. It will replace an existing Foxpro program (running on Windows) from january '09 on -as was the initial idea (early testing happened on data of 2008).

We have taken time to adjust things and work is done on the output. There are a few reports that output a file in html format, which can be viewed and printed, and even be imported in OpenOffice.org Calc.... read more

Posted by cybrarian 2009-01-11

First code

Find first code on the website under
<a href="http://facs.noxqs.org/ftp">ftp</a>

Posted by cybrarian 2008-06-01