beste metirc for hotel names and address

  • britske


    from various sources I have to dedup hotelnames and addresses (to uniquely identify hotels)

    consider for example the following hotelnames which all identify the same hotel:

    La Quinta Inn & Suites Houston Bush Intl Airport Hotel
    La Quinta Inn and Suites Houston Bush Intl Airport Hotel
    Houston Bush Intl Airport Hotel
    Hotel Houston Bush International Airport

    and possible variations thereof.

    Without prior understanding of special similarity-metrics I'm thinking (but am open for suggestions!) :

    - a list of Hotelchain names which are optional
    - abbrevations (intl -> international , etc)
    - a list of optional words as (hotel, inn, bed & breakfast, motel, etc)
    - order of some words
    - lower / upper casing
    - some spelling corrections when dealing with for example translated thai/ chinese names

    All in all the similarity has to match for a high percentage since even for example in the city multiple hotels can have the exact same name, soe deviations of the perfect name may in fact give an even bigger set of possible real matches.

    Moreover, cost of the algorithm is also important since potentially a lot of matches must be done.
    Although pruning the dataset based on country/cityname (need similatiry-matches here!) or better latitude/longitude (don't have these all the time) is possible.

    Moreover, I'm in need for a similatiry-algorithm for matching international addresses (street level) . I can imagine some sort of industry excepted standard exists for this?

    Thanks in advance,