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Simbad / News: Recent posts

Simbad available under Subversion

Dear Simbad Users,

Simbad and associated libraries picoevo and piconode are now available under Subversion (svn) for easier management of developpement versions.

So, in addition to the classic download of released file you can now get the current version of simbad source code with a svn command:

svn co https://simbad.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/simbad simbad

Note that CVS version is no more supported.... read more

Posted by Louis Hugues 2007-07-14

New version 1.4

Dear Simbad Users, at last a new version 1.4 of Simbad has been released. Hope it will be useful to some of you.
Best regards

Louis Hugues



New Features:
+ Python support via jython.
+ PicoEvo and PicoNode (see below).
+ Contrib directory containing contributed software to Simbad.
+ Ant file.
+ Refactoring of distribution.... read more

Posted by Louis Hugues 2007-07-14

New version 1.2

A new release version 1.2 of Simbad is available

The main improvements are :
- added a first actuator device : a lamp with on/off/blinking state. See BlinkingLampDemo
- improved mouse control in 3D window.
- a new kinematic model for controling left and right wheel velocities - see DifferentialDriveDemo.
- internal clean up.

The quick programming guide has been partially completed. See http://simbad.sourceforge.net/guide.php... read more

Posted by Louis Hugues 2005-02-05

New release 1.1

A new release version 1.1 of Simbad is available and reflects the cvs repository.
The main improvements are :
A set of demos in the menu bar.
A background mode for computation intensive experiments (ie Genetic algorithm).
A RobotFactory helper class.
A LighSensor.

Posted by Louis Hugues 2005-01-19